Transforming Your Garden into an Oasis of Joy

Love outdoor living...guest blogger Lillian Conners shares how to transform your garden into an oasis of joy.

For most people their gardens represent their own creations, so the time and effort they put into creating and growing them can hardly be replaced with anything. Here are a few tips to help you transform your garden into a real oasis of pleasure and relaxation.

Have a plan

Are you a man with the plan? When it comes to garden d├ęcor, it is all about imagining things before you actually do something. If you manage to create a mental image of it and you end up liking it, then you can proceed and change things in your garden. The most important thing is to set a goal, so that you can strive towards it and improve things on the way. Consider the contour of the land, the size of your yard, and what you want to do with each part of your garden (barrier, shade, lounging, etc.) Include both live and accent decorations to ensure your garden reflect eternal beauty and inspiration. 

Consider adding a patio/deck

Since you are already (re)decorating, you might as well do it all the way. Think about possible and potential improvements, see what is missing to complete your garden and really transform it. If you have not realized yet, it is the patio that is missing. Nothing spells relaxation the way patio and garden deck do, because you not only get to enjoy outdoors and the freshness of your garden, but you also get to enjoy the sun and the elements. Also, you can throw lunches, brunches and anything you want, as well as BBQ parties. And without a patio, any party you throw will be incomplete.

Flowers and paints

Great way of refreshing your garden is by adding a few different colors to it. Consult with your local garden center for plants and flowers that thrive best in your area, and add a mix of different colors to your existing garden. Make sure you use capacious tanks and a handy knapsack sprayer to water your new plants and protect them from pesticide and harmful insects. Garden health is very important, and in order for these new additions to blood, you have to ensure that your garden is well balanced and well protected by both remedies and good insects. Once you are done adding these new colors, consider repainting your house and yard to match.

Garden furniture

Another important element of garden (re)decoration is adding furniture; but not just any furniture, only those that match the beauty of your garden. Start by adding a swing where you can lay down and enjoy the sunset, or simply relax and chill. Set up a coffee table where you can enjoy your morning coffee while breathing in that fresh air; or a nice sofa, a hammock, or even a bench to sit on. Match the color of your furniture with the color of your garden and the overall design. Also, think about how your furniture will handle the weather, and cover it with layers of protective spray. 

Add lighting

Some people may find comfort in installing different types of lighting around their garden. From light poles to lanterns, lighting is very important part of your garden atmosphere. Having a few lanterns hanging around lit as soon as the night starts to descend can really add that romantic tone, and give you that real feeling of being at home. Also, you can enjoy summer nights sitting in your swing with your beloved one, drinking wine and watching the stars. 

Once you put everything in motion, the change will happen right in front of your eyes and before you realize it, you will be living in a true oasis. Your neighbors will forever be jealous, which is something you should get used to since you are the one with the coolest garden around. 

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