Eco-Friendly and Aesthetically Pleasing: Trends in Beautiful Green Buildings

Guest blogger Marie Nieves is back with some beautiful ideas on the latest trends in green buildings and landscaping.   See how you can incorporate some of these eco-friendly design choices into the exterior of your home or workplace.

Eco-friendly building and landscaping have become one of the leading industries of today, since the world strives to become a better cleaner place. Without a doubt, Elmich Australia Pty Ltd has outdone itself by making a great contribution to this field of architecture. With their professional designs and outstanding products, Elmich has started making a change in the world and their green walls stand proudly as one of the biggest green wall installation in Singapore.

Green Roofs

One of the popular trends in green building is the installation of green roofs, which have many benefits. They can reduce the impact of the constant climate changes and make a great sustainable building design. Also, because green roofs make a great insulation device, they can reduce the transmission of heat onto the living space, lower the ambient temperature and mitigate the urban heat island effect. Additionally, Elmich green roof systems can improve the air quality and upgrade the overall aesthetics. Depending on the type of building and the needs of the people living or working in there, there are varieties of green roof systems that can be installed, requiring lower or higher need for maintenance: extensive and intensive green roofs, podium decks and roof gardens.

Green Walls

With the growing population, the air and environment pollution is growing fast as well. That is why architects search for innovative ways of building sustainable buildings that can help improve the quality of the air around us. Elmich Green Walls have plastic modules and support brackets made out of stainless steel which both make this system easy to mount during the installation and easy to dismount for the maintenance and replacement needs. Green walls on a building are a great and easy way to improve the quality of air in big cities. Additionally, these green wall systems are perfect for commercial wall cladding systems because the lush flora makes an impeccable noise reducer and an ideal thermal insulation which will provide the optimal work ambient. Moreover, the vertical garden provides aesthetic interest and makes the building stand out. 

Turf Stabilization 

Turf is often considered as just a pretty lawn that is mostly used for golf courses. However, that is not the whole story. Elmich uses turf as part of the sustainable design that brings many health and environmental benefits. It reduces the runoff and soil erosion and it protects the ground and surface water quality. Also, turf provides a cushion against injures, it can reduce stress and greatly benefits the human health. That’s why Elmich recommends using such structures in front of buildings or parking spaces, since it can only improve the environment and reduce pollution. Additionally, because of their strength, turfs can bear plenty of weight, which makes them ideal for allowing access to heavy fire trucks in case of an emergency. 

Paving and Decking Support

Additional trending green constructions are paving and decking supports. That is not a coincidence, because these too are quite beneficial both environmentally and aesthetically. Elmich offers a wide range of structures using paving and decking support, such as balconies, roof terraces, pool surrounds and many others. These systems are a great choice, because they are non-toxic and recyclable, offer great temperature resistance and prevent the water from building up on the surface. 

These green and aesthetically pleasing trends are a perfect choice for any type of construction. Companies like Elmich offer many different products that can contribute to the exterior of your workspace or a home and at the same time improve your image about the environmental awareness. 


Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions said...
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Jon Reynolds said...

Thanks for the information. Like you said, do-it-yourself roofing can be pretty dangerous. That’s why it’s so crucial that you hire a professional. That should ensure that everything is done correctly and that no one is hurt. Do you have any other special tips?

jhon said...

I am a certified Building Biologist available for consulting for those wishing to build, renovate or redecorate a non-toxic home.

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