Roads towards a Rock-Solid Household Storage Plan

Guest blogger Lillian Connors has brought us some handy storage tips and ideas on how to get your home organized...

Storage handling is a challenging task in many households. Still, having a solid storage plan is sometimes more effective than moving to a larger house. This will enable you to track your Christmas decorations and summer clothes when you actually need them. With our three-part scheme, you’ll make an optimal arrangement of your home storing space.

Make a Thorough Estimate

The first step towards perfectly organized storage is to know what has to be put away and how much footage you have at your disposal for storing it. Use a piece of paper and make two columns you’d fill in as you go. Take the storage needs of your family into consideration and start combing the house, from attic to basement.
Make every area and nook count, from the topmost hard-to-reach to shelves, over modest underneath-the-bed strips, to garden shed and garage shelves. Don’t get disheartened by messy sights and focus on your current task.
Once you get all your potential storage spots in one place, you should proceed to making a list of items you need to store. These are some of the most common objects that justifiably make the cut: 
  • Seasonal clothing
  • The decorative paraphernalia for Christmas, Easter and other festive holidays
  • An archive of important documents (taxes and other records, personal files, etc.)
  • Luggage items
  • Memorabilia and sentimental pieces (children’s performance records, sketches, photo albums)
  • Sports equipment (skis, rollerblades, bicycles, golf clubs, badminton sets, etc.)
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Party supplies such as extra plates, tablecloths, chairs and inflatable beds
  • Garden hardware and tools
  • Original packaging of all techy stuff around the house
These items get the first claim on house storage, so distribute them smartly with the help of your list. For example, luggage can go under the bed, tools and equipment should stay in the garage and the garden shack, while clothes should be placed on the easy-to-reach shelves in the attic.

Remove, Box or Sell?

With all the major household items stored, you need to deal with the things that cause unnecessary clutter and have to be removed, sold, recycled or stored elsewhere. Some of the items can be sold at a garage sale, such as functional, but rarely used appliances, excess kitchen tools and furniture. Finally, there’s plain junk you simply have to evict, such as expired canned food, broken devices, mismatched objects and construction debris.
Begin the process by keeping your list and plans constantly in view and work on one tiny unit at a time until you get to the bottom of it. The handy way to separate the items into groups and categories is to pack them into boxes for storage or removal. Use tags or pens to mark the names of each temporary box-unit (“yard sale”, “donate”, etc.) and a garbage can for indisputable rubbish.
Proceed by moving the objects to their assigned storage site. If you’re working on a tight schedule, time yourself and handle smaller chunks at once so you never get caught with a messy room. Don’t forget to seek help from your family members, but also know when it’s best to do something on your own. Keep a pace that suits you and don’t forget to admire your work and stay motivated.
Finally, you may encounter things you’re not ready to give up just yet and you need time to deliberate. A friend gave me a brilliant idea on how to solve this - secure mobile storage. Let their guys pack and store your family heirlooms and similar troublesome pieces you can’t decide what to do with and have them back any time you want.

Corrections and Management

In most cases, the plan may need some tweaking here and there. Sometimes all the items on the pile cannot fit the designated shelves, so new storage units may need to be introduced. Also, to keep the storage situation under control in the future, make an inventory and save it on computer as a guide for the future. 

Don’t get discouraged by the amount of things you have to store and rearrange in your home. You can easily excel at the storage shuffling process by following our handy advice.

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