Chic and Crispy Clean: Bathroom trends to watch out for in 2017

It's always fun to get a sneak peek at upcoming design trends.  Chloe Taylor fills us in on chic bathroom trends for 2017...

The world of bathroom design is characterized by constant change, and every new season brings at least a couple of fresh additions to the trending loo look wagon. That is true of the year ahead as well: along with the minimalist and natural designs we’ve seen take the bathroom look scene by a sweep over the past two years, in 2017 we’ll be seeing many more daring blends of colors and materials, along with a growing passion for organic details, geometric shapes, and creative reinterpretations of timeless bathroom elements. Let’s take a sneak peek at the biggest trends for 2017 restroom design, shall we?

1. Organic Gone Mix ‘n’ Match

A home décor trend that has sneaked into the bathroom back in 2015, use of natural materials and green details is going to hit its peak next year, instilling chic toilets a dose of organic comfort and sophistication. Timber and stone will take center stage in 2017 bathrooms, rendering added aesthetic dynamics to hygiene havens, as shown in Patricia Urquiola’s projects for Agape. Along with emphasized use of natural resources, synthetic materials will remain on-trend, and tasteful juxtaposition of organic and artificial elements will help achieve a sleek contemporary ambiance deeply connected with the environment.

2. Timeless Bathroom Touches

Apart from natural stone and wood, metallic touches will come into the limelight of bathroom design next year. Not only will the sensitive materials be ushered into the toilet as accents, but they will also appear as integral components of water features, as we’ve seen in recent projects by Azzurra Bagni. In their Lime2.0 collection, the Italian studio introduced timber and stone into sinks and shower flooring and thus managed to achieve a sense of refreshment and visual flow to go with superior sophistication and stylistic sensibility.

3. Be Bold, Try Brass and Steel

Steel and brass are another restroom trend we’ll be seeing more of in 2017, together with gold accents evocative of the ‘70s décor aesthetics. Metallic details have been slowly moving into the bathroom design for a couple of years now, but they’ll shine at their finest in the year to come. Projects such as the Large Format Slim Stone by Ceramstone C&S are already making it clear that natural stone will benefit from the metallic update. Tasteful blends of steel and marble or limestone and combinations of travertine or quartz and brass and gold hues will become a part of an up-to-date 2017 lavatory, rendering an atmosphere of luxury and grace to the bathroom and dialing interest from conventional to irresistible.

4. Shapes and Geometry at Play

As for trending bathroom patterns, the popularity of geometric shapes is expected to gain solid momentum next year. Ceramic tiles showcasing triangles, hexagons, and octagonal figures will snatch the bathroom design throne from classic rectangles and squares, introducing an Oriental vibe to modern lavatories. Renowned tile producers such as Claesson Koivisto Rune are already experimenting with innovative combinations of colors and patterns inspired by the Middle East. Among the Oriental bathroom design influences, Moroccan tiles are currently the hottest tiling trend, and experts say that the use of the groutless cladding in the restroom reduces the risk of mold development and condensation buildup.

5. Bathroom Color Palette Revisited

The all-white bathroom color palette is a thing of the past, and Ozzy plumbing experts have said that more and more homeowners are turning to pastel fixtures for a graceful restroom update. The popularity of the pastel color scheme is going to persist throughout 2017, with design focus shifting from high polish to matte finishes for a fun bathroom décor twist. Next year, fittings and subway-style tiles in dark grey, light blue, and muted green will be paired with bold colors for an artful take on the traditional lavatory look.

The 2017 bathroom will definitely be a work of art in its own right, and seamless combinations of natural materials, metallic accents, green touches, Oriental-style geometrics, and matte hues will help transform the loo look from simplistic to superior. Keep an eye out on restroom design trends in the year ahead, and make sure to introduce a few hot features to keep your bathing area as graceful and as modern-looking as it can be.


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