5 Steps towards a Vintage Bathroom

Bathrooms can be one of those overlooked rooms when decorating your home.  There are many styles to consider and vintage decor may be just the look for you. Diana Smith shows us how to create a vintage bathroom in five steps.

Even though bathrooms are usually small and enclosed spaces, that does not mean they shouldn’t be decorated in a fashionable manner. For example, your bathroom can display the latest decorative styles and contemporary looks, becoming so much more than a simple place where you shower and get ready for work. On the other hand, it can serve as a distinctive time capsule and bring back all the styles from the past decades – even centuries! If you’re one of the people who prefer antique appeal and want your own private sanctuary to be dressed in a more formal wear, here’s how you can create a vintage-style bathroom in no time.

A Bathtub vs. a Shower
When browsing through the latest catalogues of bathroom equipment, you can easily notice how widespread glass-enclosed showers have become. It almost seems that they have completely replaced bathtubs and that very few people still use these antique pieces. However, if you take a look at the selection of freestanding bathtubs right now, it’s not hard to notice why they have so many fans.
Should you decide to incorporate such a bathtub in your vintage bathroom, there’s only one choice – a claw-foot porcelain tub! Attractive, elegant and stylish beyond your wildest dreams, it will instantly turn your bathroom into the envy of the entire neighborhood. Acquiring this kind of bath is not as hard as it looks, and its perks are numerous – from durability and comfort and easy cleaning. Finally, a claw-foot porcelain tub will be the perfect centerpiece of your bathroom and the best focal point you could ask for.

A Privacy-Ensuring Curtain
What’s the ideal addition to your new claw-foot tub? A vintage-style shower curtain, of course, especially if you accompany it with an oval rod hanging from the ceiling. This combination will bring an even classier look and prove to be irreplaceable when you need some privacy. Your bathtub will be properly framed and the shower curtain can feature the most popular patterns from the 1920s or 1940s, so this is something you should definitely keep in mind when renovating bathrooms.

An Old, but Improved Sink
This is another cornerstone of a vintage bathroom and you simply can’t imagine one without an adequate sink. Luckily, there are tons of choices. Whether you wish to go with a console sink with metal legs, a one-of-a-kind pedestal sink or a nice vanity sink with drawers, you can’t go wrong. Nonetheless, consider restoring and repainting your sink before installing it – it will be extra shiny and stylish.

Storage Space
Another thing a vintage bathroom needs is a selection of vintage storage solutions. When you can’t use a brand new cupboard, a turn-of-the-century medicine cabinet is a much better solution. Made from high quality wood and painted white, this piece will not only store all your bathroom products, but also look great above your sink. In case you can’t seem to find an appropriate one at your local flea market, try making it on your own – it’s not that hard, but brings amazing results.

Decorations, Decorations, Decorations
Not many people pay close attention to the final touches of their redecoration process and the fact that they miss the most obvious part – the actual decorations – tells you that this is to be taken seriously. Bathrooms usually don’t require too many decorative pieces and arranging them won’t take too much of your time, but will, on the other hand, be a wonderful addition to the whole presentation.
When searching for vintage accessories, try keeping it consistent – mixing a mid-century soap holder with a modern soap dispenser is a faux pas that will neutralize all the good work you’ve done. Some of the vintage decorations you can pick are long-thread cotton towels, decorative vases and hanging art pieces that go perfectly with the aforementioned bathtubs. In the end, if you want your accessories to be as authentic as possible, try getting them at bazaars or your grandparents’ attic.

Further Ideas
Other ideas you can introduce to your vintage-style bathroom are picture frames, chic robe hooks, classy lamps and hexagonal tiles. All of these will bring a new vibe to your old bathroom and make you want to spend more and more time in it.


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