How Elegance & Family-Friendly Design Can Coexist

When decorating our homes, elegance and family-friendly design is possible to achieve...Marie Nieves shares some beautiful ideas on how to do it.

When decorating their homes, people usually seek for pet and kid-friendly materials, multifunctional furniture and plenty of storage space. This striving for functionality usually pushes the style and elegance to the side. However, designing a family-friendly home can actually coexist with the elegance, but you just have to be creative and think simple. 

Open Spaces

Homes should never be cluttered and filled with unnecessary things. This could be challenging since there is at least three people living there, but you have to prioritize. Elegance is all about minimalism and simplicity and that should be your primary aim. Another problem that could occur is designing and dividing too open spaces. The best advice is putting up wallpapers in order to create accent walls and to subtly divide the space. However, you should opt for pastel colours and fine lines in order to do this, while the accent walls can have a bit more colour on them. 

Make a House feel Homey 

This can be a tough task when it comes to big houses, but the trick is in the common areas. Living room, kitchen, playrooms and other areas where you love spending time with your family should be kept airy and fun with vivid colours, comfortable furniture and the things you all have in common and love. As far as private rooms and bedrooms are concerned, don’t try to make them in huge rooms. If you keep them simple and small, you will encourage your kids and yourself to spend as much time as possible together in the living or dining room. 

Outdoor Entertainment 

Your home probably has a backyard that certainly shouldn’t be neglected. Since you strive for the functionality, consider setting up or renovating the deck into a sophisticated homey space for you and your family. Use sustainable wood for the structure and place plenty of colourful soft cushions all around. This way, not only will you make another common area for all of you to enjoy a summer night’s gathering, but you will greatly extend the landscape design of your garden and the value of your home will increase. Also, you can add a small fireplace in the middle and organize family camp-like evenings during the summer. 

Add Antiques 

Modern designs look very elegant, but the whole monochromatic look can come off as boring. In order to break the dull atmosphere, you should consider adding a few antique pieces. Big, elegant provincial chandelier made of wrought iron will look stunning over the dining table and will certainly contribute to the atmosphere during the holidays. Also, some antique figurines, iron chairs and coffee tables will transform the empty rooms and provide comfort. If you go to the flea market or any antique shop in your town, be sure you will find some hidden treasure that can extend the style and elegance in your home; just make sure not to mix too many antiques and keep things simple. 

Decorate with Flowers

The best choices of colours for an elegant interior are whites and pastels. However, you will need something to break the monotony. There is a very simple solution to that – floral decoration. Have as many indoor plants as you want on the bookshelves, by the windows and on the tables. Make sure they are colourful and neatly organized in order to better the atmosphere and bring more life and fresh air into the room. Also, don’t be afraid of floral patterns for the table cloths and cushions. Find patterns and colours you like that go well with the rest of the interior design, and that way evoke warmth and blissfulness in your home.  

The key is in simplicity combined with a few wow factors. Above all, keep your home clutter-free, airy and filled with flowers and soft fabrics, and you will have no problems with making the elegance work with family-friendly design. 


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