Smart Design Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Small bedrooms are an opportunity to create that warm cozy retreat we are looking for after a long day.  Chloe Taylor shares some beautiful ideas on how to do just that...

The bedroom is a haven; it’s a place that forgives all daily failures, comforts on a hard day, it’s a place of solitude and joy, it’s a lover’s nook and your shelter from the world… The bedroom is the start of your day and the end of it. For this reason, even though the accent is often placed on other segments of the home, the bedroom should be the centre of your attention, in terms of its design, practicality and the atmosphere you are looking to enhance. 
In case you are struggling with a small space, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a decorative complexity of larger rooms. If anything, a small room oozes a sense of warmth and coziness which is making the room look even more appealing than if its elements were scattered over 30 feet of space. 
We are giving you a few amazing ideas that will help you manipulate your small space and turn it into a gorgeous space with a true design impact.

Work with what you’ve got 

To get the best out of your small space, consult an expert that will suggest furniture placement in order to get as much space as possible. While you may have an idea in mind, it’s possible that not everything will work as you’ve intended it – and this is where a professional can help. Don’t fail to present them with your plan and idea and look to incorporate it into the finalized plan
Does that sofa really work in the right corner of the room or would it be better at the bed’s foot? How about that flower pot under the window? Should you move it next to the desk? Wouldn’t that rocking chair look better across the bed? Work with them on finding the best solution possible.
Choose a color 

A light palette visually opens up a small bedroom, while art pieces, interesting fabrics for bed covers, pillow cases and rugs will take away a sense of dullness and instill a feel of excitement and vigor. Earthy tones work amazingly with small spaces, too and combined with a white base can really make an impact. You can use it as base or in accents, either way they are promising a wonderful small space manipulation. Don’t use just one color, though, or you’ll be running a risk of having the room looking too depressive. 
Manipulate the space
These days, most of furniture is grandiose and difficult to incorporate into a regular bedroom space. Luckily, custom-made furniture is your next best choice (maybe the best choice, altogether) with an amazing array of options – from bed frames and closets to desks and vanities. With amazing companies, like Brisbane Shelving, you are given the liberty to have virtually any piece of furniture crafted by your personal desire and space measurements. We love it!
Mind the ornaments
Place photographs, personalized pieces of art, ornaments, quote-wallpapers or quote art on the walls. Another option is to add fresh flowers, your grandma’s portrait, dream catchers, graphic curtains, lace in accents in interesting shapes around the space in a manner that is logical to you. Place mirrors strategically for space depth. Rely on elements that trigger pleasant emotions and make you feel wonderful. A simple manipulation of eye-catching art, clocks and lights on the walls will land excitement to your little space. 
Give it a personal touch
Challenge your inner artist – frame pictures of cities you want to see, that beautiful snap of random people laughing you caught on your camera last Christmas, frame motivational quotes that always give you strength, etc. Each time you step into a room, you’ll get overwhelmed with beautiful emotions – and that’s a priceless feeling. 
Decorating your space after your own temperament, tastes and expectation may be the best move to make, especially if you are just moving in (starting from scratch is always fun) or re-decorating an already existing d├ęcor. Good luck!

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