How to Boost the Street Appeal of Your House

Lillian Connors gives us some great ideas on how to boost the street appeal of your home...

When renovating, most people tend to focus too much on the interior of their homes and completely ignore the street appeal. Still, making your home look great from the outside is of great importance as well. This is especially the case if you are looking to increase the value of your home. We have come up with 4 ways that will guarantee your home increased street appeal.
Enhance Your Front Entry
Your front door is where you greet all the guests and if you want your home to make a strong first impression, you will have to enhance your front entry. If your front door is old, you should think about replacing it. When choosing the new front door you should always go for something warm and welcoming. On the other hand, if you don’t want to make such a big change, a couple of quick fixes will do the job as well. If you notice any damages, make sure you fix them. You can also think about repainting your front door. Just bear in mind that you don’t always have to go with neutral colors. If you want your home to be more distinctive, make sure you opt for some vivid colors.
Clean All the Gutters
When trying to increase your home’s street appeal, you will also have to get your hands dirty. Even the smallest changes can make your home look better which means you can start by cleaning all the gutters. In most of the cases, there will be some piled up rubbish that you will have to clean. While you are cleaning, make sure you also check the gutters for any cracks and leaks. Fixing any of these issues means you will avoid the risks of getting your house damaged by water. Even though these minor changes don’t seem noticeable at first, they can always cause some bigger issues if not dealt with on time. Not to mention that wit will help you quite a bit if you’re looking to sell your house.
Install Wall Cladding
Your outside wall is maybe even the most important thing when it comes to increasing your home’s street appeal. If your home is old, chances are the brick on it are looking beaten-up. That’s why installing a new  architectural wall cladding systems is a great idea, and now you can find many different types of cladding systems to choose from, so make sure you ask professionals for advice when making your choice to find the optimal solution for our house.
Fix Your Windows
No matter how much effort you put into making your home look great, there will always be some cracks and scratches on your windows. Frames also start to deteriorate and glass gets stained beyond repair. If you want everyone on the street to admire your home, you will have to deal with all of these issues as well. Cleaning your windows with old newspaper is a great way to deal with some stains you never managed to get rid of. If the frames got damaged too much, you can always repaint them. If you are repainting both your windows and your front door, make sure you stick to the same color.

Follow all of these ways and your home is guaranteed to look amazing from the outside. Also, put some effort into keeping the exterior of your home clean if you want it to be as street appealing as possible.


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